be_matt (be_matt) wrote in alivejournal,

More progress

Well, I've got the client to have multiple, currently hard coded, servers. You also have the option to type your own... The ititial state is now correct - the "remember settings" flag now seems to actually restore the settings properly. It was working in the GUI, but the internal stuff wasn't in place.

There's one segment violation that needs sorting out now. This is something to do with an object being deleted in the wrong place or before we've finished with it. No biggy, not at all - mat have already sorted it - just need to check when this closes down.

I'm going to release a "preview release" rather than a propper release I think. This will be as soon as the app runs and I have added the UTF-8 switch... Mid next week is optomistic, but will be something like it.
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