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I have made some progress tonight/this morning... I have revised the settings window to include the ability to remember the last settings after a closing and reopening the app. It currently remembers the mood, picture and journal. I realise this is kind of dangerous, given that these settings are more or less hidden unless you specially check them - this is why I'm moving them to the main window "real soon now (tm)". Having said that, I've also got the menufields (aka Combo boxes in Windows and Popup menus on the Mac (IIRC)) to display the selected item. This, on the face of it was really simplem though it turned out to be slightly harder than I thought.

Internally, Alive Journal needs some rearchitecting. All of the Windows seem to be persistent (at least I needed a bit of a hack to get the settings to save, I digress).. This will happen as the Post options get moved.

If anyone has a problem with me moving the post options, speak out now!

*Yawn* ... bed... (It's 3am here..)

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