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My Plans....

Well, firstly a big thank you to Sean for being so cool (and swift) with the changeover ;-) I'll be dong my best to get things rolling along again as quickly as possible. All contributions (ideas, code etc.) will be graciously accepted. Just send code to the email address listed on the user info page and comments/suggestions here!!

I've been using AliveJournal now for 6+ months and I have a number of things on the old todo list... all is subject to change, but:

(1) Multiple servers - I used to post to I'd like the ability to keep that up. At the moment we have to recompile the entire app to change servers...
(2) Look into the UTF-8 issues that someone reported a while back - I've never had any issues, but I'll look into why this is happening.
(3) Drop the sub Window for the sub controls... I get forced to use Semagic at work (via Windows) and the one thing I like about it over AliveJournal is the fact that it has all of the controls for mood, security etc. under the entry text box. This is something we can expect to happen real soon ;-)
(4) Look at the LiveJournal XML-RPC - this is a little way off. It looks to be a fairly simple thing to implement given an off the shelf XML parser, but I want to source an XML decoder/encoder that is cross platform before I commit to implementing it. Otherwise I'll write one myself - this will take the most time ;-)
(5) Look at the Blogger XML-RPC - LJ also supports this, but it also opens up another BLOG on BeOS... I have registered an appid code, so pending the LJ XML-RPC investigation... (this may get done first as there are less methods in the blogger API)
(6) Release at least part (1) asap.... this will happen within the next 2 weeks... part (2) may be included, though I can't promise anything. Part 3 will at least be under way (I need to alter some controls on that window because they aren't working quite right..)

What I need from you - the users... Comments, comments, comments! I'll be doing all of this even if zero people actually use AliveJournal (save me), but I'll do it a lot quicker if you all start hassling me... Pressure is a wonderful catalyst.

Oh, and when I say 'cross-platform', I mean PowerPC... Yes there will be a PowerPC version from now on!

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