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Well, I have stopped receiving hate mail (ok.... it wasn't that bad), and a few people have written in to give me the thumbs up, so I presume that the problem has actually been squashed this time.. This makes me happy....

I have been asked to take over (a.k.a. salvage) a boring project at work, but it is going to take up alot of my time for the next week or so. Fortunately, for you guys, my mind will definately collapse if I don't take some breaks from it while working on it. I plan on interleaving the creation of a website for ALJ and adding some new features to the client with real work. I will be really busy the next few weekends though, so it will probably be a slow pace, but I figure now that the client is at least working for you guys you might give me a little slack. :)

A few people have asked about contributing to the project... I wouldn't mind working with a few other people, but it really comes down to putting your money where your mouth is. I have no plans on allowing public write access to the tree, so you will have to prove your worth. :) Patches are always welcome, although if you are going to work on something, please post your idea to this forum so we can all discuss it. I would hate to break someone's heart in rejecting a patch that doesn't make sense to the rest of us...

A few features I would like to have in the near future (some are personal pet-peeves, most are user requests):
  1. Support the ljfastserver cookie for paid users.
  2. Fix some of the UI nuisances that are still persisting (like some of the completely non-functional buttons...)
  3. Show the post date in the history view (like the windows client)
  4. Have a little friends-update deskbar icon thingy (like the windows tray icon)
  5. Spell Checking
  6. Magic link maker
  7. Friend group management and usage
  8. and more...

I am not exactly sure how many of these will be in the next release, but they are definately on the horizon (perhaps 2.0?). What's missing? Discuss....

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