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Post Options Behavior

Since I set up this journal to interact with the users of AliveJournal, I propose a question:

You open AliveJournal, and start an entry, you open "Post Options" to pick your mood, music, security, and the like, press save and then click on send to submit your journal entry.

After you click on "Send", what should happen to the choices you made in "Post Options"? Currently, things like your mood and music "zero out", while your journal, picture, and security settings persist until changed or until the program is closed. Even weirder, the "Auto-Formatting" option is saved, so it will be the same way the next time you start AJ.

Is there a better way to do this? Should the Journal, Picture, Security menus reset to defaults? Should I put in an option to "Use Current Settings As Default" like the win32 client does? Should I move "Auto-Formatting" into the General Settings window?

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