grahams (grahams) wrote in alivejournal,

Help me Debug AliveJournal

For those of you having problems logging using AliveJournal, I would appreciate it if you would download this. Unzip the archive, and run it from the terminal. After pressing the logon button some spew should get tossed to the terminal... Cut and paste it, and mail it to me. DON'T FORGET to censor your password, although I ask that when you do so, keep the number of characters the same. Also, if you have any special characters in your password, they will be converted to Hex notation, Please note this in your message, and if you don't mind, tell me which special character you use and what hex code it showed up as in the log message. Of course, if you feel this is too much information about your password to give me, I won't be offended....
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