grahams (grahams) wrote in alivejournal,

New Version

New version of AliveJournal is available at BeBits... A few people have reported problems, but so far it has worked well for the majority of people... I just wish I could reproduce the problem that some of you are having... One thing that does help is detailed reports of the problems you are having. Please include OS information and if you have any kind of tricky net connection (NAT, etc.).

Note: Please try increasing the timeout value (Select "Settings" from the Logon Window's Menu) before reporting problems.
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It's timing out for me, same as before. R5 net_server through a bsd gateway. Does it work with bone?
I've got a cable connection and I guess there is a NAT somewhere.
Is it possible to discuss the problem with you through Beshare / Silwerwing/ IRC?