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Alive Journal isn't Dead.. :)

I just wanted to drop a note here to let my groupies (or at least ALJ's groupies :P) know that for the past few nights I have been working on trying to make ALJ work again... Sadly, I see nothing wrong with it currently, and have just been combing over the same set of code over and over again. :)

I have posted some information to lj_dev requesting assistance, but still no real leads...

I will hopefully have this crunched after another night or two, depending on how things are at work for the next few days...

The good news is that I found a few little bugs that might have been crashers...

I will probably be able to spend a few hours a week on ALJ now, so as soon as I can do a quick release to get everyone running again, I wil begin working on little features to get us all caught up to the Win32 and GTK clients....
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