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Last week I attempted to clean up the way I handled building the menus in the Post Options Window. I had used 3 seperate functions to initialize the Moods, Journals, and Pictures menus, and each took an STL Queue. Somehow, all this made sense at the time (I still don't quite know why I used the STL queues), but I decided to rip it all out and just use simple BMessage passing to do all this...

I attempted to do it on Thursday, but I guess I was having a "Bad Code Day", because after hours of working on it, I ended up saying 'screw it' and reverted. Well, I never like being beaten by a chunk of code, so I gave it another effort today and won this time around. :) I just checked that stuff into the repository.

What does this mean for you? Less memory usage, and login should be a bit faster.. I am pretty sure that at this point there really isn't much memory wastage going on in PostOptions land. I have to make sure that the same is true elsewhere, as well as finding some of the weird crash bugs that a handful of users have experienced... I am also going to add a feature where if the user hasn't specified a picture manually, but they have chosen a mood, the program will check to see if they have a picture with the same name as the mood they have chosen, and go with that one.

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