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Spent a large chunk of today cleaning up the storing of settings... With the old setup, new versions of AJ adding new stored settings would require that the old settings file be deleted before the new settings would be stored.

It is now much simpler for me to add new settings, and it also allows me to migrate the settings from the users prior version...

I am going to now work on caching the moods locally. When I request the list of moods from the LJ server, I can tell it the number of the last mood I received.. It will only send me new ones if I do this. Right now, I always send 0 as the last mood we received, because it was simple. :) This causes a bit more network traffic on login (about 2000 bytes, give or take), which isn't a big deal, but it is unnecessary... Once I get that working, I will probably release another beta...
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