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I decided that AliveJournal was starting to outgrow BeXL, and that I also wanted to clean up the code, so I am going to spend the next few days extracting all references to BeXL out for now... This means that the next release will have some new features, but it will probably lose font sensitivity for now...

BeXL is a great product, but I think that as a project gets larger, and more specifically, your project starts using more derived view classes, it starts to get in the way. I still recommend it as a way to prototype your GUI and to generate the stub code necessary to get you started, but between the difficulty in getting BeXL to play nicely with derived classes and the difficulty of using it in concert with source control, I am going to kinda forget about it now.

Once I am done with this beautification process, I will be posting information and instructions to grab the source from the Perforce server.
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