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AliveJournal Changelog's Journal
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Thursday, August 17th, 2006
12:23 pm
This is a call...
Hey ho campers, is anyone still out there? I'm going to be getting together a new build of AliveJournal. This one will use the head code from the last public release, add in Sergei's UTF-8 code and my fix for the truncation bugs that introduced. I'll do a Zeta build and do some basic localization - i.e.I'll do enGB and enUS and someone else can do the rest ;-)

Question is really, does anybody still care out there? The more comments, the quicker it'll get done ;-)

Current Mood: busy
Sunday, December 19th, 2004
1:57 am
Zeta build on the horizon
Well, all you millions of people who still look at this journal... I have just got my unreleased AJ 1.62 to compile and post under Zeta NEO. This is being posted by that same client. This means a fully BONE'd up build is now feasable. Most of the painful part of the Zeta port was the header changes necessary. Odd little things - mostly just weird stuff on yT's part (no offenec - I happened to run into mmu_man at the time on BeShare, so yT are aware..)

I still have to tweak things, but I'll do a Zeta and R5 realease, "real soon now (tm)" and I'll multi lingual up the Zeta release...

Now - bed time...
Saturday, May 29th, 2004
8:26 am
More progress
Well, I've got the client to have multiple, currently hard coded, servers. You also have the option to type your own... The ititial state is now correct - the "remember settings" flag now seems to actually restore the settings properly. It was working in the GUI, but the internal stuff wasn't in place.

There's one segment violation that needs sorting out now. This is something to do with an object being deleted in the wrong place or before we've finished with it. No biggy, not at all - mat have already sorted it - just need to check when this closes down.

I'm going to release a "preview release" rather than a propper release I think. This will be as soon as the app runs and I have added the UTF-8 switch... Mid next week is optomistic, but will be something like it.
Friday, May 7th, 2004
3:34 pm
More stuff...
Okay... I've done a bif comparison with Sergei and Sean's different versions of 1.61 (using BeyondCompare 2 - try it if you do Windows development, it's very good!!) and discovered the only differences are

(1) Sergei uses man->Setvalue("ver", "1") anywhere the CommandBlockManager is used to create a command block for the server. A quick squizz at the LJ API specs reveal this to flip it in to UTF-8 mode. I'll provide a configuration switch for this, though I don't see any real issue with just using UTF-8. It may fix one or two issues I guess.

(2) in the EncodeString method for the LJApplication, Sean creates a string, fiddles with encoding the data withing the string and then returns that string. For some reason in Sergei's version, it does all this, but returns the unencoded string we passed intot he routine!! Alarm bells!! This is possibly why Sean's code works with URL's but the Sergei UTF version does not. Normal plain text/ASCII probably goes through without a problem. However, anything needing encoding is seemingly truncated at that point on the server, I guess.

Don't quote me on point (2) as it's purely speculation at the moment. I'm at work and on a Windows machine, so I can't run any tests. However, this is the only major change (bar the adding of the ver flag) from Sean's code, so unless UTF-8 adds in extra encoding requirements, I think this'll fix it... (not sure, have to look into this if my fix doesn't work)

More news from the "front" as it happens ;-)

Current Mood: creative
Wednesday, May 26th, 2004
8:25 pm
wow.. slow but sure.

Got the client remembering the settings for different servers!!

Progress is very slow though :-(
Friday, May 7th, 2004
3:34 pm
Ill, Ill , Ill
Had a nasty cold/flu like thing this weekend, and so haven't got an awful lot done. I'll have to revise my schedule, but am looking for a release at the end of the week.

Support for Zeta may also be in the works...

Current Mood: sick
Tuesday, May 11th, 2004
7:57 pm
Okay, last post for today ;-)

I've got the client (numbered as 1.62) to compile and all of the functionality I added seems to work at 80%... Bugs I'm aware of - well moving stuff around has broken a couple of things I previously had working.. Nothing drastic.

We're looking at a release sooner rather than later (alpha release I must point out!!)

Here's a WIP screenshot for the curious...

oops, the pic is not here

It's not polished... it needs to be smartened up!!

(To thos who commented on Sergei's code truncating URL's... yep, it does (bah!)... this will be fixed after the features added are stable!)

Current Mood: cheerful
Friday, May 7th, 2004
3:34 pm
More progress
Yes, more progress!

I've got a buch of stuff half done now. I have the post options on the main window, and most of them, as of this morning, work and are populated by the values LiveJournal sends back. I've also got the pref changes I made earlier merged. It all ran this morning, but is not tested too far (still a bug or two.)

I've looked into XML-RPC and come up with a couple of libraries I'm going to evaluate. More on this as it happens!

I've also applied for, and had accepted, a sourceforge account for the AliveJournal source code. PHEW ;-)

Anyway, more progress as it happened, and a release "Real soon now(tm)" (ETA mid next week, if not earlier..)

Current Mood: creative
Sunday, May 9th, 2004
3:24 am
I have made some progress tonight/this morning... I have revised the settings window to include the ability to remember the last settings after a closing and reopening the app. It currently remembers the mood, picture and journal. I realise this is kind of dangerous, given that these settings are more or less hidden unless you specially check them - this is why I'm moving them to the main window "real soon now (tm)". Having said that, I've also got the menufields (aka Combo boxes in Windows and Popup menus on the Mac (IIRC)) to display the selected item. This, on the face of it was really simplem though it turned out to be slightly harder than I thought.

Internally, Alive Journal needs some rearchitecting. All of the Windows seem to be persistent (at least I needed a bit of a hack to get the settings to save, I digress).. This will happen as the Post options get moved.

If anyone has a problem with me moving the post options, speak out now!

*Yawn* ... bed... (It's 3am here..)

Current Mood: tired
Friday, May 7th, 2004
3:33 pm
My Plans....
Well, firstly a big thank you to Sean for being so cool (and swift) with the changeover ;-) I'll be dong my best to get things rolling along again as quickly as possible. All contributions (ideas, code etc.) will be graciously accepted. Just send code to the email address listed on the user info page and comments/suggestions here!!

I've been using AliveJournal now for 6+ months and I have a number of things on the old todo list... all is subject to change, but:

(1) Multiple servers - I used to post to Blurty.com. I'd like the ability to keep that up. At the moment we have to recompile the entire app to change servers...
(2) Look into the UTF-8 issues that someone reported a while back - I've never had any issues, but I'll look into why this is happening.
(3) Drop the sub Window for the sub controls... I get forced to use Semagic at work (via Windows) and the one thing I like about it over AliveJournal is the fact that it has all of the controls for mood, security etc. under the entry text box. This is something we can expect to happen real soon ;-)
(4) Look at the LiveJournal XML-RPC - this is a little way off. It looks to be a fairly simple thing to implement given an off the shelf XML parser, but I want to source an XML decoder/encoder that is cross platform before I commit to implementing it. Otherwise I'll write one myself - this will take the most time ;-)
(5) Look at the Blogger XML-RPC - LJ also supports this, but it also opens up another BLOG on BeOS... I have registered an appid code, so pending the LJ XML-RPC investigation... (this may get done first as there are less methods in the blogger API)
(6) Release at least part (1) asap.... this will happen within the next 2 weeks... part (2) may be included, though I can't promise anything. Part 3 will at least be under way (I need to alter some controls on that window because they aren't working quite right..)

What I need from you - the users... Comments, comments, comments! I'll be doing all of this even if zero people actually use AliveJournal (save me), but I'll do it a lot quicker if you all start hassling me... Pressure is a wonderful catalyst.

Oh, and when I say 'cross-platform', I mean PowerPC... Yes there will be a PowerPC version from now on!

Current Mood: creative
9:06 am
New Maintainer

lj_matt has stepped up to the plate to take over maintaining and improving AliveJournal. He is now the moderator of this community, and he deserves a round of applause for taking up a good cause!.

With that said: Let the bitching about missing features and bugs commence. :)

Tuesday, June 10th, 2003
5:32 pm
In case you hadn't figured it out yet

I have stopped maintaining AliveJournal. As I mentioned in a comment to an earlier post, Be doesn't boot on either of my current machines, and I simply don't have the drive to tinker enough to make it happen. While it's disappointing, after pouring as much effort as I did into BeNews, BUGGER, AliveJournal, etc, I simply can't shake the feeling that Be is now a lost cause. Feel free to debate as you will, but that's my opinion and has been so for the past year+.

Anyway, the point of this message is that anyone who wants to step up to the bat and take over maintainership (and this journal) is welcome to it. Drop a line, I'd love to see someone carry the torch.

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2002
10:56 am
AliveJournal with UTF-8 Support
Sergei Dolgov was kind enough to modify AliveJournal to support LiveJournal's new UTF-8 encoding. For now, you can grab a binary here, but I will roll his changes back into the main code as soon as I get some free time. :)

Sorry for my lack of attention to this client, but the programming that pays the bills takes precedence. :) In addition, I don't find myself working inside BeOS much at all lately. Sad, but true.... :(

Current Mood: busy
Monday, October 29th, 2001
11:22 pm
New Test Release
For those of you interested in using AliveJournal with servers other than livejournal.com, check out this test release and let me know how it works for you...

Go to the File->Settings from the login box and change the server name to your preferred server... It defaults to www.livejournal.com, but www.deadjournal.com works like a champ (for me).

Let me know if you run into any troubles (or it works for you) by replying to this post...

Current Mood: tired
Monday, August 6th, 2001
1:29 am
Well, I have stopped receiving hate mail (ok.... it wasn't that bad), and a few people have written in to give me the thumbs up, so I presume that the problem has actually been squashed this time.. This makes me happy....

I have been asked to take over (a.k.a. salvage) a boring project at work, but it is going to take up alot of my time for the next week or so. Fortunately, for you guys, my mind will definately collapse if I don't take some breaks from it while working on it. I plan on interleaving the creation of a website for ALJ and adding some new features to the client with real work. I will be really busy the next few weekends though, so it will probably be a slow pace, but I figure now that the client is at least working for you guys you might give me a little slack. :)

A few people have asked about contributing to the project... I wouldn't mind working with a few other people, but it really comes down to putting your money where your mouth is. I have no plans on allowing public write access to the tree, so you will have to prove your worth. :) Patches are always welcome, although if you are going to work on something, please post your idea to this forum so we can all discuss it. I would hate to break someone's heart in rejecting a patch that doesn't make sense to the rest of us...

A few features I would like to have in the near future (some are personal pet-peeves, most are user requests):
  1. Support the ljfastserver cookie for paid users.
  2. Fix some of the UI nuisances that are still persisting (like some of the completely non-functional buttons...)
  3. Show the post date in the history view (like the windows client)
  4. Have a little friends-update deskbar icon thingy (like the windows tray icon)
  5. Spell Checking
  6. Magic link maker
  7. Friend group management and usage
  8. and more...

I am not exactly sure how many of these will be in the next release, but they are definately on the horizon (perhaps 2.0?). What's missing? Discuss....

Current Mood: busy
Thursday, August 2nd, 2001
8:09 pm
New Release on BeBits
I just released v1.61 to the world over on BeBits, so head on over there and snag a copy! Thanks to everyone that downloaded this morning's beta, it is great to hear it is finally working for people!

In addition, I made this community open, and gave posting access to all the existing members, so if you guys have something to contribute to the group, go ahead. As moderator, however, I am going to place one rule on content: Posts have to be directly related to AliveJournal!. Anything breaking that rule will be deleted at my discretion... (This rule doesn't include comments, only posts).

Current Mood: accomplished
9:04 am
New Beta Release
Please check out v1.61 Beta. Thanks to everyone who sent in debug logs, but special thanks to thehangedman. As always, your feedback is appreciated, but I expect this release to work for you.

Also, check out the new feature in the history window. :)

Current Mood: hopeful
Monday, July 30th, 2001
7:37 pm
Help me Debug AliveJournal
For those of you having problems logging using AliveJournal, I would appreciate it if you would download this. Unzip the archive, and run it from the terminal. After pressing the logon button some spew should get tossed to the terminal... Cut and paste it, and mail it to me. DON'T FORGET to censor your password, although I ask that when you do so, keep the number of characters the same. Also, if you have any special characters in your password, they will be converted to Hex notation, Please note this in your message, and if you don't mind, tell me which special character you use and what hex code it showed up as in the log message. Of course, if you feel this is too much information about your password to give me, I won't be offended....
Sunday, July 29th, 2001
1:02 pm
Win some, lose some...
I am still confused as to why some people are mailing me with praise thanking me for making the client work again, while others have no luck. I wish I could find the common thread for you unlucky people but I just don't see it yet... The only thing I can come up with is that it is related to the timeout stuff... Some person who had an illicit copy of BONE informed me that the client does not work under BONE at all...

In other news, I worked last night and this morning on adding the ability to edit posts in shared journals/communities... Now, you can not only edit posts you made in your own journal, but posts you made in other journals as well... I don't know how many people were missing this feature, but it was driving me crazy. :)

Current Mood: confused
Saturday, July 28th, 2001
8:52 pm
New Version
New version of AliveJournal is available at BeBits... A few people have reported problems, but so far it has worked well for the majority of people... I just wish I could reproduce the problem that some of you are having... One thing that does help is detailed reports of the problems you are having. Please include OS information and if you have any kind of tricky net connection (NAT, etc.).

Note: Please try increasing the timeout value (Select "Settings" from the Logon Window's Menu) before reporting problems.
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